My role as a doula is to support you as a mother so you can enjoy and care for your new baby. This includes sharing information about baby care with you, as well as teaching siblings and partners to “mother the mother” and ensure the best possible outcome for your family.

Though my role as a postpartum doula changes as the needs of your family change, my main objective is to make sure you are fed, hydrated, comfortable, and that you feel supported through this transition. I help you care for your postpartum body following any type of delivery (vaginal/surgical). I make sure you are allowed time to recuperate and nurture yourself while I assist in the day-to-day of your family’s needs. I believe in the importance of acknowledging and validating the adjustment process for the entire family when welcoming a new member. I provide household assistance during this transition to help keep things running smoothly. Travel, and special needs may be provided as needed.


  • Emotional support and reassurance
  • Newborn care assistance
  • Infant soothing skills
  • Breastfeeding support and instruction
  • Partner support and identity
  • Help foster family bonding and adjustment
  • Teach coping strategies for new parents
  • Provide tools for dealing with postpartum depression
  • Help with feelings of grief and loss
  • Provide appropriate referrals and local resources
  • Accompany parents to doctor visits
  • Light household tidying
  • Errands and grocery shopping
  • Help with laundry, dishwashing
  • Simple meal preparation


  • Registered Nurse BRN: 833398
  • First Aid/CPR: 9/2017
  • EMT: 3/2017
  • 2016 Postpartum Doula Certification: Natural Resources 2016
  • Lactation Educator: in progress


Professional Experience

References available upon request


Specialized Experience

  • Mother of two
  • Created Postpartum follow-up program at One Medical Group
  • Vegetarian diet


Current Vaccines

  • Hep B
  • Hep A
  • Tdap (whooping cough)
  • PPD (TB)
  • Influenza (flue shot)
  • Varicella (chickenpox)
  • MMR (rubella)

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